One who can write nicely can even write nicely with a bad brush.

Japanese proverb

The choice of wood is, of course, the most important decision when building a guitar. I make my choice for each a new guitar depending on how and what each guitarist will decide to play on it.

Once the guitar is (nearly) completed, I choose the finish, which also influences the sound.

Not to be forgotten are the frets and nuts which transpose the vibrations to the body of the guitar.

Good tuners are a joy for every guitarist. For my reasonably priced instruments I use tuners by Rubner, the more expensive ones receive Alessi Tuning Machines and customers who want even more can request Scheller Tuning Machines.

Lastly, we need strings. You can argue for ages about individual taste. Every guitar player has to find his personal favourites.
The reason I choose D’Addario strings for my instruments is their guaranteed consistent quality.D'Addario - the Player's Choice

Repairs / Restoration

He who treads softly goes far.

Chinese proverb

One important component of my work is repairs and servicing. Many musicians underestimate the value of a professionally serviced guitar. A lot of “played to death” instruments come back to life after a few hours of work.

It is quite rare that I get to undertake restorations of old guitars, yet it is therefore all the more exciting. The main aim of any restoration is keeping the original instrument alive.