De gitaarsalon

During the International Guitar Festival Balatonfüred 2014, the opportunity arose that Wilhelmien Stam and Frank Reijgersberg made a wonderful video about my work. You may also see and hear Jozsef Eötvös who incidentally sat with me and tried a few of my guitars.

To find out more about the guitars in this video, please go to the section “Instruments”.


Frank Reijgersberg makes live recordings for Brava-HD and television with his Gitaarsalon video team.

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NÖ heute

On behalf of ORF NÖ, Ms Sabine Daxberger and a camera team visited my workshop. Several hours were spent for make-up, lighting up, sweating, filming and chatting. All this material was edited into a nice TV report, which then was broadcast in “NÖ heute: Kulturerbe” (Lower Austria today - cultural heritage).

Streets of Philadelphia

Streets of Philadelphia arranged and played by Simon Riedlecker ...

In this video, he is playing his first Zucali-guitar. It is an Aline made of Rio Rosewood and Spruce.

Swedish Folksong

Swedisch Folksong, arranged and played by Simon Riedlecker ...

In this video, Simon Riedlecker performs on the guitar Model Aline made of Appletree, Spruce, lattice-bracing with a monitor sound hole in the side.